TuTu & Co leverages Tokopedia to support local artisans and transform the perception of the craftsman trade. During the 2019 pandemic, selling on Tokopedia came as a surprising opportunity for the Indonesian brand based in Denpasar City, Bali. With their business social media account inaccessible, TuTu & Co turned to Tokopedia and discovered that it strongly backs small businesses like theirs.

“When I initially joined, I found that Tokopedia genuinely supports brands like TuTu & Co,” explained Wiko Wikarta, the owner of TuTu & Co. “The advantages we gain are heightened brand recognition, allowing us to reach buyers from Sabang to Merauke. Notably, campaigns such as Tokopedia Fashion Week, Indonesian Shopping Time (WIB), Cantik Fest, and Serbu Official Store (SOS) have significantly boosted our product sales.”

As Wiko expands the business and broadens its market, the brand remains committed to maintaining the quality of their fashion accessories made from premium bead materials. Wiko emphasizes the importance of producing products with meticulous attention to detail and premium materials. Furthermore, TuTu & Co aims to challenge the prevailing stigma associated with the craftsman profession in Bali.

“The name TuTu & Co is not merely unique; the ‘& Co’ represents the Balinese artisans who contribute to crafting our accessories,” Wiko explained. “My hope is to transform the perception of the craftsman trade, which was previously regarded as an income-less profession, into a chosen vocation that also generates revenue.” Currently, Wiko employs seven local Balinese artisans, all recruited through the village head, in pursuit of his mission.

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