where it's all started

nature inspired in 2015

By living in Bali, Indonesia; TuTu and Co being surrounded by the richness of the nature. Being surrounded and mesmerized by Bali’s killer surfing spots, vintage paddy field are, astonishing sunset, cool beach houses, great people, and laid-back lifestyle. We knew nature will guide us to its path of love.
our story2

one day

after soaking the sun

we came across rustic fisherman village, met a group of friendly fisherman and noticed one of them wear wooden scuba diving glasses. It was monsoon season, big waves and high winds prevent them to catch some fish, yet they need extra income for their family. Then we decided to order their wooden scuba dive and change into wooden sunglasses. Yes our first product line up is wooden sunglasses. And that’s when the fun really begun…

to spice things up


by working closely with talented Indonesia artisans and after putting some days, weeks and months into the products, on 2018 we put wooden sunglasses in some selected few boutiques, and into our surprise the feedback was beyond our expectation.

The name TuTu and Co. born in that year.


nature vibes handcrafted

is always embedded in our products. Celebration of laid-back lifestyle, astounding natural environment,and collaboration with craftsmen resulting in unique line-up of products.

We truly hope you enjoy our creations as much as we make them for you.

at tutu and co.

giving back is always in our core program, which we donated each purchase of our product through our charity partners. We strive to do more and always looking for more charities that can benefit from TuTu and Co. products.

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